Is a water molecule an example of ionic bonding?

Answer Water molecules are not an example of ionic bonding but rather polar covalent bonding. In the water molecule, bonds are formed by a sharing of electrons between the hydrogen atoms and the oxygen at... Read More »

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Ionic Hair Dryer vs. Non-Ionic?

Ionic hair dryers claim to boost shine, save drying time and decrease frizz and fly-away strands of hair. There are technology differences between ionic hair dryers and their old-fashioned, non-ion... Read More »

What exactly is dental 'bonding'?

Dental bonding is a procedure where the dentist will have to bond (glue) a rezine plastic material or porcelan onto your tooth. First they apply acid etching to make the surface rough then they rin... Read More »

What is contractor bonding?

Contractor bonding is the process by which a construction bond contract is formed. Contractor bonding is part of the surety industry in which a third party will act as a guarantor that a given con... Read More »

What does bonding insurance do for you?

Answer Bonding is not insurance. If you provide service to a client, and steal from them, and are convicted of the crime, the bonding company will pay back the client for your theft. Then you must ... Read More »