Is O2 an ionic bond?

Answer O2 is not an ionic bond; it is a covalent bond. Ionic bonding occurs between metals and nonmetals. Covalent bonding occurs when two nonmetals share a pair of electrons. O2 is an example of multiple... Read More »

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Is water a covalent or ionic bond?

Water (chemical formula Hâ‚‚O) contains two hydrogen-oxygen bonds. Because these bonds occur between two nonmetals, they are predominantly covalent. This means that electrons are shared between the... Read More »

Is water an ionic or covalent bond?

Water is a covalent bond (also often referred to in the field of biology as a strong bond). Specifically, it is what is called a polar covalent bond. This kind of bond allows for a weaker bonding... Read More »

Is salicylic acid a covalent or ionic bond?

Salicylic acid is composed of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. These elements are joined by covalent bonds, which means that they share electrons with each other. Salicylic acid is a pain reliever, whi... Read More »

Ionic Hair Dryer vs. Non-Ionic?

Ionic hair dryers claim to boost shine, save drying time and decrease frizz and fly-away strands of hair. There are technology differences between ionic hair dryers and their old-fashioned, non-ion... Read More »