What is involved mainly in claims department?

Answer It is a good time to buy now as prices are depressingly low. Offers at well below valuation are being accepted. Remember the taxes in addition to purchase price

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Where is the Avis claims department?

Avis Budget Car Rental's Vehicle Damage Claims department is in Parsippany, New Jersey, in the company's headquarters. If you want to file a claim, download a form from the Avis website and fax it ... Read More »

Movies: Who is your favourite person that is involved in the art department?

Hey Madeleine!Tom Savini. He's a makeup artist who's worked on heeps of famous horror films. He's also directed and acted here and there.BQ: Equilibrium, Hatchet, The Iron LadyBQ2: Difficult to say... Read More »

Why should the Department of Homeland Security be involved with scientific research?

evryone needs a passportim native and i use my status card because i have a criminal record and all native people have free rights to cross with a criminal record but i still need my passport to

What was the sci fi tv show about a police woman and a geek working for a secret department which involved hunting demons an supernaturals?

No. Mermaids are not real. They do not exist and are from stories and legends. People can not become mermaids. Spells are also not real and there is no spell that can change you into something else.