What is involved in wildlife photography?

Answer well wildlife photography can b a lot of hard work if want to travel around the world with it but if you don't want to be all over the world you can go to your local zoo to practise because being i... Read More »

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What is wildlife photography?

It is simply the photography of all types of wildlife (fish, birds, mammals) whatever takes your fancy. Some people include plants and wild landscapes (it is all nature). For most people this is a ... Read More »

Where must you study for wildlife photography?

Ideally "in the wild". But that takes time and money. One of the best places to start, however, may be at a zoo. While you're most likely not going to be able to many of the animals in motions as t... Read More »

When did wildlife photography start?

How to Shoot Wildlife Photography?

A beautiful tigerShooting wildlife photography is not an easy career choice, but there are things that you can do, as a non-professional, that will improve your photographs. Read this article to le... Read More »