What is involved in neck surgery?

Answer Neck surgery, also referred to as cervical surgery, aims to provide patients relief from pressure placed on the spinal cord or nerves. The neck surgery procedure involves pre-surgery planning and a... Read More »

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What kind of pain is involved for rotator cuff surgery?

The rotator cuff, a network of muscles and tendons in the shoulder, can become torn. The pain can be severe enough to require surgery, which may cause additional discomfort until it is rehabilitate... Read More »

What can go wrong with neck surgery?

All surgeries carry risks, minor and major. If you are in good general health, you likely have a lower risk of developing complications. When discussing neck surgery with your surgeon, weigh all th... Read More »

I have surgery on my neck and now my leg hurts?

I am sure that the pain in your leg has nothing to do with the surgery on your neck. Try massaging some Ibuprofen gel into your leg 3 times a day.................

What are the dangers of neck surgery?

Doctors perform neck surgery to relieve pressure on the nerves or spinal cord, which relieves pain. Dangers and complications are present in any type of surgery, including neck surgery.FactsPatient... Read More »