What is involved in limbal relaxing of the eye?

Answer Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRIs) are used to correct vision problems such as astigmatism. The procedure is also used by contact lens and eyeglass wearers who would like to decrease their need for c... Read More »

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What is limbal to limbal astigmatism and what exactly occurs in ...?

no refractive error (including astigmatism) can "blind" you. only disease can do that.limbus-to-limbus astigmatism is astigmatism that involves the entire cornea (some astigmatism only involves th... Read More »

What Paint Colors Are Relaxing?

Paint often serves as the guide for a room's design and overall feel. Particularly for bedrooms or sitting rooms, you may wish to use paint to set a tranquil and relaxing canvas for the room's deco... Read More »

What is the best herb for relaxing?

My husband is an alternative medicine doctor, and he often suggests patients try Valerian Root. This herb is wonderful, and can be purchased nearly anywhere in capsule form.(don't pay high health f... Read More »

What are your top ways of relaxing and reducing stress?

A relaxed mind can't live in a tense body.Try having downtime, spirital or meditation. A time-out for stress relief is great. Step out of the stressful situation for a moment and breath in as dee... Read More »