What is investment casting?

Answer According to the Loyola website, investment casting, or lost wax casting, is a casting process, which fabricates metal parts from almost any alloy. Applications for investment casting include art a... Read More »

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How to Create Jewelry With Investment Casting?

Lost wax casting or "investment casting" is used heavily in the jewelry making business as you can create beautiful pieces of artwork. Here are the steps to consider when going about this process.

Homemade Investment Compound for Casting Bronze?

Investment compounds are materials that generally come in powder or concentrated forms, then are mixed with water to create liquid molds that harden around the wax models of sculptures. The wax is ... Read More »

How to Bronze Casting?

Bronze casting is an ancient and complex process used to create objects of bronze. Bronze is an alloy much stronger than copper, but not as strong as iron or steel. The two basic types of casting a... Read More »

How Can I Become a Casting Manager?

A management position in a casting agency is typically referred to as a casting director. Casting directors work closely with television and film directors, producers and studios to find the talent... Read More »