What is inventory control management?

Answer Inventory is most often the second largest expense for businesses outside of employee payroll. Inventory types include direct materials or inputs for production processes and finished goods that ar... Read More »

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What is inventory management software?

Next to payroll expenses, inventory is usually the second largest expense for companies. Inventory management is a critical business function that controls the procurement and warehouse inventory p... Read More »

What is an inventory management system?

An inventory management system is a computer software package that helps warehouses keep detailed records of their inventory. Systems may keep track of how many products are in stock, alert employe... Read More »

How to Implement Inventory Management Systems?

An inventory management system can help sales and production managers control costs by identifying lost sales due to inventory shortages; inventory overruns on products that are not selling; losses... Read More »

What are the Basics of Retail Inventory Management?

Successful inventory management in the retail industry requires the ability to maintain a good balance in the stock levels. If there isn't enough stock, customers will be forced to go elsewhere. If... Read More »