What is interpolated resolution?

Answer Otherwise known as "digital resolution," interpolated resolution is a method of enhancing the resolution capabilities of a digital scanner beyond its inherent optical resolution.FunctionA scanner i... Read More »

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What does interpolated mean ?

In scanners, interpolation means it samples 9600 Dots per inch. This means it estimates what is in between these dots. It doesnt actually scan between these areas. A scanner with 9600 DPI interpola... Read More »

Emerson Flat Screen TV: Error Message "resolution mismatch change devices resolution" How do I fix this?

Whatever is feeding the TV (cable, dvd, bluray, etc.) needs to be set at the same resolution as the TV. Your TV is maybe 720p and it's being fed 1080p. Change this in the settings of device feeding... Read More »

How can convert high VGA resolution into low VGA resolution Can use any electronic converter or device please tell?

Answer Devices called scalars or interpolators are made to convert images in this way. They can convert from PC signals to broadcast standard, PC to PC, broadcast to PC or even between broadcast st... Read More »

What is meant by pixel resolution and how does this affect the resolution of the image?

it is not a f*cking doodle you idiot, it the detail an image holds. The term applies to digital images, film images, and other types of images. Higher resolution means more image detail