What is internally threaded jewelry?

Answer Internally threaded jewelry is a type of jewelry normally used in body piercings. It fastens using a "thread" or ridged post which is attached to a ball. The thread screws into a hollow barbell, li... Read More »

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What is an Ultra-Threaded Processor?

An Ultra-Threaded processor is a component on a GPU, or graphics processing unit, that allocates the resources of that GPU so none are idle. It enables an ATI graphics card to boost its efficiency ... Read More »

What do I do when I'm getting my eyebrows threaded?

You should just tell them to shape your eyebrows and get the excess hair out.I'd suggest you tell them not to make your eyebrows super thin our anything.

What does the uterus feel like internally during pregnancy?

What type of paste is best for threaded plumbing connections?

It doesn't really matter. The old oil based has worked forever, Teflon paste is a little cleaner. Either one will do the job. I use Teflon tape for most everything anymore. Clean and easy to use. C... Read More »