What is interest-earning checking?

Answer Interest-earning checking is a personal checking account that earns interest based on your average daily or monthly balance. Interest-earning checking accounts can be found at traditional banks, on... Read More »

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How can I improve my chances of earning a full ride scholarship and what are my current chances of earning one?

Depending on the college that you are wanting to get into, you would want to check out all the scholarships that are offered, go to the financial aid office and ask what is available. Most colleges... Read More »

Is interest from checking accounts taxable?

Interest from checking accounts is taxable. You will receive a form 1099-INT that documents how much interest that you earned from your financial institution so you know how much you have to report... Read More »

Can a trust have an interest-bearing checking account?

A trust can set up an interest-bearing checking account, according to Brian Turner, a new accounts officer at Bank of America in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Generally, only a trustee can sign on the ... Read More »

How do I calculate daily interest earned on a checking account?

Calculate Daily RateDivide the annual interest rate on your checking account by 365 to calculate the daily interest rate. For example, if the annual rate was 1.25 percent, the daily rate would be a... Read More »