What is insurance scoring?

Answer Insurance scoring is a rating system use by insurance companies to estimate an applicant's risk. Risk is assessed using personal information and credit history to assign an insurance score. The sco... Read More »

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Directions for Scoring a Ham?

In order to bake a ham that looks as mouth watering as it tastes, you first need to prepare it. One way is to score it; also known as cutting a diamond pattern on top of the ham. Scoring a ham befo... Read More »

What Is MDF in Golf Scoring?

MDF is a golf term that deals with the rules on making the cut and getting paid in a four-round golf tournament. The PGA Tour instituted the new MDF rule in 2008, and since then it has sparked a go... Read More »

What does a B-C-D house credit scoring mean?

B-C-D credit grade refers to the quality level of your credit score as determined by the mortgage company. A "B" grade is given to a credit score that is at least 620, a "C" grade for a credit scor... Read More »

What Are the Causes of a Scoring Brake Rotor?

Because brake rotors are clamped by the caliper and brake pads during deceleration, it is not uncommon for brake rotors to become scored over time.