What is insurance face amount?

Answer Life insurance is a policy that pays a specified amount to the person designated by the owner (beneficiary) should the owner die while the policy is in force. That sum of money is the face amount.D... Read More »

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What is the"face amount"in life insurance?

The face amount in life insurance is also called the face value of the policy. This is the amount paid to the beneficiary upon the death of the owner of the policy.Source:All Business: Life Insurance

Will a doctor's office write off an amount that the insurance deems over the maximum billable amount that they allow?

Answer Yes, if they are on the provider list. AnswerYes ONLY IF they are obligated to do so under a network agreement. If your insurance company determines that procedure X should not exceed $10... Read More »

Will secondary insurance pay the co-insurance amount of primary insurance if you have met the deductible in secondary insurance?

Answer You're going to have to look at your policy or brochure to see what the provisions are.For more details see

Will GAP insurance cover the full amount of a vehicle if the insurance coverage on a vehicle has lapsed and it is totaled?

GAP NO.  GAP covers the GAP left (if any) of what someone owes and the current market value of the vehicle should the loan balance exceed market value.  In other words, you owe $16,000 on a vehic... Read More »