What is insulin dependent gestational diabetes?

Answer Gestational diabetes usually occurs around 2nd trimester and will be resolved only after giving birth.

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DIABETES - I am an insulin dep. diabetic going on holiday on Monday should I store my spare insulin in suitcas?

Never put your medications, even the spares, in your checked baggage. Medications need to be hand carried to ensure that you have access to it at all times. If you contaminated you primary insulin... Read More »

Will a woman with gestational diabetes not get diabetes in later life?

What is the difference between gestational diabetes and diabetes insipidus?

Gestational diabetes occur only while pregnant while the other one not.

Is it possible to be a type 2 diabetic and not be insulin dependent?

Simply, "insulin dependent" means you take insulin. If you don't take insulin, than you're not dependent on it.Diabetes Mellitus (or abbreviated to, DM) is separated into two types, Type 1 (or juv... Read More »