What is inside of a laptop computer?

Answer The hardware within a laptop is designed to meet the size and weight limitations of a portable computer. Each laptop is composed of multiple components that are not visible without dismantling the ... Read More »

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How long is it safe to leave a laptop computer inside of a car parked outside in the heat?

You should not leave a laptop inside of a parked car when its hot out for any amount of time because the car and unit can heat up very quickly and potentially fry the hardware, according to Best La... Read More »

Can GTA IV work on my laptop Toshiba Intel Inside. My laptop is using windows 8!?

Alexander, i need more information about your graphic gard, just stating 'intel inside' is not sufficient for me to tell you whether it will play or not.If it is intel hd 3000 or intel hd 4000 then... Read More »

What is Inside of a Laptop Battery?

Laptop batteries have two different kinds of parts. Each battery has its own small circuit board inside that monitors how much power is left in the battery. This tells your laptop how much longer... Read More »

Help, I got sperm inside my laptop monitor, what do i do?

what was your target?suck them all to clean the monitor..