What is inside an HEI distributor?

Answer GM introduced its trademarked High Energy Ignition system (HEI) in 1971 as an upgrade over points-style, divorced coil distributors. The term has become generalized to include any distributor of th... Read More »

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I burned the inside of my arm on the inside of the oven door, what can I put on it to releive the pain?

DO NOT put butter or oil of any sort on your burn. The only thing you should be doing is soaking it in as cold a water as you can stand. Keep it soaking - if it's in an awkward place (above the elb... Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Distributor in a Car?

A bad distributor can wreak havoc on your engine. In order to fix your car's problem, you must first know how to troubleshoot in order to determine what exactly the problem is. A bad distributor wi... Read More »

What Is an Industrial Distributor?

Industrial distributors sell equipment and supplies such as machinery, tools and raw materials to businesses. Industrial Leaders: American Industrial Marketplace lists industrial supplies in alphab... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of the Distributor Cap?

The distributor cap is a part of automobile's ignition system. The distributor cap is typically attached to spark plug wires.