What is inside a silencer?

Answer A silence, or suppressor, is a tube screwed on to the barrel of a gun that deadens the sound of gunfire. When gunpowder is ignited, high-pressure gas builds up which forces the bullet out of the ba... Read More »

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Difference between Baffle type silencer and packed silencer for 2 stroke engine/engines in general?

The difference is just what it says. Baffle silencers use baffles to re-direct sound waves to cancel each other out and reduce noise. A packed silencer uses material such as fiberglass mat or steel... Read More »

Can a revolver have a silencer?

It is not possible to silence a standard revolver, which has gaps on either side of the cylinder, near both the hammer and the barrel. Noise can escape through these gaps. However, it is physically... Read More »

Can a potato be used as a silencer on a gun?

A potato cannot work as a gun silencer. The potato may suppress the sound of a low-caliber gun with a weak cartridge, but it will make a mess and not silence the gun enough to make it soundless.Ref... Read More »

How quiet is a gun silencer?

Typical silenced handguns produce around 130 decibels. On average, a silenced handgun produces sounds that are 20 decibels less than those of an unsuppressed gun. An unsuppressed gun would be perce... Read More »