What is initial funding for day trading?

Answer Day traders must fund their accounts with cash or securities in order to trade. Initial funding is the way in which day traders get their accounts funded. The initial funding is used for the invest... Read More »

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How do I Order a Three Initial Monogrammed-Style Initial Ring?

Monogrammed rings are a popular gift option for many celebrations, including birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. It is a classic jewelry item that never goes out of style. A three-initial mon... Read More »

What is the primary aim of initial MOS selection?

The primary goal for initial MOS selection is to fill those jobs that the selected branch is in need of at that time. If you think you want to hold out until you get what you want think again, MOS'... Read More »

What Is an Initial Escrow Disclosure?

Property tax and hazard insurance payments are normally collected in advance at the closing and kept in a lender's escrow account. Additional payments equal to one month's insurance premium and one... Read More »

What is the minimum initial investment for a traditional IRA?

The minimum initial investment for a traditional IRA varies. Most brokerage firms will have a minimum investment of $500 to $3,000, with $1,000 being the average. However, many banks will allow you... Read More »