What is infrared heat?

Answer Scientists, doctors and race car drivers alike use infra-red heat detection to aid their research. The wavelength is a strong and predictable indicator of an object's molecular movement and, thus, ... Read More »

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Can you heat a building with just infrared heat?

No, infrared heat is generally not efficient for heating an entire building. Because of its radiant heating process, it is best used for small space heating, materials drying or curing.References:... Read More »

What is infrared gas heat?

Infrared gas heat heats objects and people directly. This direct method is more efficient than heating air and directing it toward the object to be warmed.FeaturesInfrared heaters combine a gas bur... Read More »

What is the trapping of infrared photon heat by molecules in an atmosphere called?

Infrared photon heat is absorbed, released and sometimes re-absorbed by molecules in the atmosphere. It is when the same photons are released back to Earth that we consider them "trapped" by the a... Read More »

Is infrared heat bad?

On One Hand: It's Like Body HeatInfrared heaters emit heat on the same frequencies as our bodies, so infrared heat is not dangerous like ultraviolet light. According to the Infrared Heat Safety Cou... Read More »