What is infinity minus infinity?

Answer Since infinity is not a number, subtracting infinity from infinity can result in any number, or it can result in zero. The term infinity means something with no end. Therefore, you could start at t... Read More »

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How to Remove an Infinity CD Changer From a Mitsubishi Eclipse Infinity Car?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is among the many cars from the manufacturer that is equipped with a standard CD player and stereo system. These systems often come with six-disc CD changers that allow you t... Read More »

How do I use the A/C in a 99 Infinity QX4?

Open the vents across the dashboard, and adjust them so the air blows where you want it. Press the “Auto” button, and you will see “Auto” appear on the display. Use the up and down arrows t... Read More »

What is an Infinity Box?

An Infinity-Box is a device that works with multiple cell phone brands and models to unlock and repair them. It uses a USB port, so you don't need an AC adapter for the product to be functional.Sou... Read More »

My Infinity Won't Go in Reverse?

Transmission problems can be extremely costly to repair. Often, transmissions have to be taken out and completely disassembled to find the cause of a problem, a job only experienced transmission me... Read More »