What is infant thrush?

Answer Oral thrush is a common problem in infants. It is due to fungal infection causes by candida albicans. It causes white patches in the mouth which can interfere with feeding. There can be some bleedi... Read More »

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Has anyone had an infant with thrush just apparent on his tongue and was it difficult to get rid of?

Answer my son had it 2 months ago when he was 5months old and i just went to the chemist and braught over the counter DAKTARIN cleared it up straight away it was quarter or the teaspoon provided tw... Read More »

Can polio immunisation in a prematurely born infant cause the infant to be unable to walk?

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If you believe your spouse is a sociopath and you have an infant together and a pending divorce should you fight for sole custody of the infant child?

Answer If you feel your child is in danger than I would say yes but if you feel he is a sociopath than maybe you might want to consider consulting your question towards a professional who could te... Read More »