What does inertia have to do with orbit?

Answer Inertia describes a moving body's resistance to change in direction or speed. The Earth's gravity constantly pulls at the moon, or it would move in a straight line rather than orbit the Earth. Grav... Read More »

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How to Cope With Sleep Inertia (Not Able to Get Up)?

Sleep inertia is a condition in which the person finds it difficult to get up; their muscles feel weak and they feel extremely drowsy. Most people have it and have trouble getting up - often fallin... Read More »

How Do I Tell if an Inertia Switch Is Activated?

The Ford's inertia switch is a safety precaution used to turn the fuel pump --- or pumps, depending on which Ford you have --- off to prevent fuel from entering the engine in the event of an accide... Read More »

How to Reset an Inertia Switch?

A fuel inertia switch is also known as a fuel cut-off switch. The inertia switch is designed to cut off the fuel supply to the engine. Once the inertia switch senses a heavy vibration or abnormal v... Read More »

How to Calculate Load Inertia?

In mechanical engineering terms, knowing how to calculate the load inertia of a mechanical system is very important. It is a measurement of the resistance of the load being moved to acceleration or... Read More »