What is indirect light for plants?

Answer All plants require light in order to grow, but the amount of lighting varies from plant to plant. A plant that does not have access to the proper amount of light can wilt and die. If a plant requir... Read More »

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Outdoor Plants for Indirect Sunlight?

If you have shaded areas in your yard or around your property, don't let this prevent you from putting gardens in them. There are plenty of plants that love to be in the shade and will thrive in th... Read More »

Do plants grow better in real light or artificial light?

On One Hand: Real (Natural) Light is BetterIt provides the necessary energy for normal growth. Plants need the natural balance of red and blue light rays as an energy source, says David Trinklein a... Read More »

What Is the Effect of Artificial Light on Plants?

Not all light is the same. The sun, for instance, produces not only the light in the visible spectrum that we see, but also a large amount of ultraviolet radiation that we cannot see, much of which... Read More »

What light do bamboo plants require?

Light requirements for bamboo depend on the variety's preferred climate. Bamboo in warm climates should receive full sun, while cold hardy bamboo fare better in partial to full shade. Dwarf bamboos... Read More »