What is indirect ELISA?

Answer ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is one of many types of laboratory tests used to test for a specific antigen or antibody to the antigen. An antigen is a molecule, such as a virus, that th... Read More »

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What Is an Indirect Stencil?

Indirect stencils (or indirect photostencils) are a type of photographic stencil used in screen printing. They are unique in that they allow you to copy a detailed image onto a screen quickly and e... Read More »

What does Indirect Signature Required mean?

That would be for delivery of something that requires a signature. A direct signature means that you must sign for the package at the time of delivery. An indirect signature means that you can pr... Read More »

What Is an Indirect Water Heater?

An indirect water heater is a high-efficiency heating unit that heats the air in the home and heats water for home use. Water is circulated on demand through a heat exchanger when a tap is opened.R... Read More »

How to Use Indirect in Excel 2007?

Microsoft Excel 2007 is the spreadsheet application offered as part of the Office 2007 suite. You can use functions in Excel, which are built-in calculations or formulas. You can use reference func... Read More »