What is indicated by a white marker with an orange crossed diamond&black lettering?

Answer White markers with an orange outline and black lettering are boating markers. They are used to give boaters warnings of restricted areas, dangers or directions. A crossed diamond with black letteri... Read More »

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French Fries or Taters White Rice or Macaroni & Cheese Orange Juice or Orange Soda?

French Fries or Taters? French FriesWhite Rice or Macaroni & Cheese? Macaroni and CheeseOrange Juice or Orange Soda?Orange Juice

Ihave yellow or orange stains on white fiberglass shower and plastic shower doors you even get an orange tint to your hair after you spend 80 dollars to color it What is causing this and what do you d?

sounds like rust in your water you can try a whole house water filter, most of them will remove rust from the waterIf you have a water softener, purchase a product called "Iron Out" to add to the ... Read More »

How do you get black marker of white pants?

Answer Because bleach is only 5% sodium hyptochlorite, while the chlorine you buy at the pool store is about 96%. Answer well household bleach is 3 to 6% sodium hypochlorite, The pool stuff is 10.5... Read More »

Is there a permanent marker that writes white?

Pentel and Sharpie both offer white permanent markers in fine and medium points. Sharpie's marker is a permanent paint marker, rather than a traditional permanent marker, which can be used on the s... Read More »