What is included on a college transcript?

Answer Each post-secondary institution you attend will maintain a transcript of your college work. You may be asked to submit an official copy of your college transcripts as part of application processes ... Read More »

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What does QUALPT mean on a college transcript?

The abbreviation QUALPT on a college transcript stands for quality points. All schools have their own standards for assessing quality points. For example, some award quality points for classes only... Read More »

How to Transfer AP Credits to a College Transcript?

Advanced placement courses, often referred to as APs, allow students to complete and sometimes receive credit for college-level work during high school. Students who take AP classes must pass an AP... Read More »

How to Get a Transcript for Rogue Community College?

Rogue Community College is a college based in Oregon. Like most community colleges, Rogue Community College offers mainly two-year degrees. Some students opt to continue their education by transfer... Read More »

How to Compile a College Profile or Transcript?

Applying to the college of your dreams can be a daunting process. You know that a big part of your future lies within the hands of a scrutinizing admissions officer, and one false move could make t... Read More »