What is included in association fees for homes?

Answer Your association 'earns' its income to pay its bills from owners' assessments. Every association is different from every other association, in terms of the bills it pays for services. Typically, a... Read More »

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What Are the Rules for Foreclosure on Homes Due to Homeowner Association Fees Not Being Paid?

Many neighborhoods around the nation have homeowners associations and the residents pay dues to the HOA. These dues cover communal expenses and the day-to-day expenses of the HOA. Rules vary by sta... Read More »

If you own your home outright and the condo association has placed a lien on it for unpaid condo association fees can they take your home if the fees are not paid?

Yes.Read your governing documents to verify that your monthly assessments represent an automatic lien on your title.When your board decides to file a formal lien, they are taking one of several ste... Read More »

When a condo owner does not pay monthly fees can the association collect late fees or interest?

Yes, generally. Your governing documents could be very specific on this issue. (Generally, assessments are levied against owners in order to pay the operating expenses of the community. Often, not ... Read More »

After a foreclosure are you still liable for the banks attorney fees or your delinquent home owners association fees?

Foreclosure of an HOA unit usually means that someone other than you owns the unit.Depending on your situation, and depending on the claim filed for monies you owe, you may be personally liable for... Read More »