What is included in a treasurer's report for a nonprofit association?

Answer Your governing documents define the reporting requirements for the treasurer. For example, your association's reporting requirements may indicate that quarterly, the treasurer reports the status of... Read More »

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How often do treasurers report to a board of directors on finances?

Treasurer reports should be submitted monthly to a board of directors. If the board does not meet monthly, it is acceptable to submit a treasurer's report when board meetings take place. However si... Read More »

What is included in association fees for homes?

Your association 'earns' its income to pay its bills from owners' assessments. Every association is different from every other association, in terms of the bills it pays for services. Typically, a... Read More »

What is included in condo association assessments?

Your annual budget, which a board member can provide you, lists the line items for bills the association expects to pay during the year with the assessment dollars it collects. Usually the line ite... Read More »

Can a nonprofit owners association own a profit entity?

Your association tax attorney and association-savvy attorney can help you answer your question. It may depend on where you earn your profits. If, for example, the association owned a club house and... Read More »