What is included in a long block?

Answer The long block is the largest sub-assembly in a vehicle's engine. It forms the foundation for the engine's intake and exhaust systems, as well as the accessories.PartsThe long block is composed of ... Read More »

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Difference Between Long Block Vs. Short Block Engines?

Should you buy a short or long block engine? If you're planning a total engine rebuild, purchasing a short block may be the way to go because it allows you options for parts you need. However, if y... Read More »

Short Block vs. Long Block Car Engine?

If you are thinking about replacing your car's engine or upgrading your car's engine for performance purposes, knowledge of the types of engine block assemblies available will be valuable. Among ot... Read More »

Long or short hair for me (pic included)?

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Should I cut my hair short, or grow it long ( pic included)?

Keep it long...I have done the short thing twice throughout my life and I regretted it every time!!!