What is incarceration?

Answer Incarceration refers to the imprisonment or jailing of a person. Incarceration does not necessarily mean that the person committed the crime for which they are incarcerated. Rather, it means that t... Read More »

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What is shock incarceration?

Shock Incarceration Programs (SIPs), also referred to as "boot camps," are offered for juvenile and adult criminal offenders. SIPs give participants an alternative to jail time that can lead to pos... Read More »

What is the meaning of"incarceration"?

The word "incarceration" means the state of being held prisoner by another person, according to Princeton's WordNet.StatisticsAccording to CNN, the U.S. prison system had 7.1 million people in jail... Read More »

What Is Mandatory Incarceration?

Mandatory incarceration establishes penalties for various felonies, the most common being gun- or drug-related felonies. It is also known as minimum sentencing guidelines.PurposeThe idea of mandato... Read More »

The Psychology of Incarceration?

"The Psychology of Incarceration," an educational course created by Khalil Osiris with Dr. Robin Herman and Tony Villa, Sr., helps prisoners or newly released prisoners adjust to life in the genera... Read More »