What is in whiteboard marker ink?

Answer Whiteboard markers are referred to as dry erase markers. The ink contains colored pigments along with a carrier substance such as water, alcohol or other solvent. Dry erase markers also contain an ... Read More »

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How do i refill my whiteboard marker?

Use special marker ink. Although whiteboard markers do not have traditional refills like ball-point pens, you can refill them using this ink. Remove the head and felt tip of the marker from the bar... Read More »

How to Remove a Marker Stain on a Whiteboard?

If you write on a whiteboard or dry-erase board often enough, the day will come when you or someone else accidentally grabs a permanent marker, instead of a dry-erase marker, and writes on the whit... Read More »

How do I remove permanent marker on a whiteboard?

Use a Dry Erase MarkerMark over the top of the permanent marker with a regular dry erase marker. Let the marker set for a few minutes, and wipe it off. The permanent marker stain should come off wi... Read More »

Which fruit juice is the best to erase whiteboard-marker ink?

Lemon juice, which has a high citric-acid content that dissolves residue, may erase whiteboard-marker ink. Websites such as Mrs. Clean and Buzzle suggest using lemon juice to clean permanent-marker... Read More »