What is in the dry erase board cleaner?

Answer Dry erase markers, boards, and erasers are found all over. Whether at home, school, or at a business meeting, you will find these things. But what is in that cleaner solution that we use to clean... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own White Board (Dry Erase Board)?

Large white boards come in handy, but they tend to be expensive. You can make one yourself for a lot less money; they can be made for around 31 dollars.

How to Erase Old Marks off a Dry Erase Board?

Have you ever noticed that if you leave a message or drawing on a whiteboard for long enough, it gets to a point where you can barely get it off? While getting those stains off isn't as easy as swi... Read More »

What to do with my dry erase board?

Handy item! Wish I had you said, Make lists....Outline your vacation plansMake a shopping list.....Do a family treeDesign a campsite....Just use your imagination

What can be used to clean a dry erase board?

Office supply stores sell special erasers made specifically to clean dry-erase board. To remove ghosted-in lines that dry-erase markers cause, use glass cleaner followed by a soap-and-water rinse. ... Read More »