Frozen Drink Poll: Pina Colada; Margarita; Daiquiri; Mudslide or Bellini?

Answer one of each please

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How to Make Mudslide Hot Chocolate?

Outside is a winter wonderland and you're stuck inside dying of boredom. You're tired of making the same old hot chocolate and searching for a new recipe. Well - today's your lucky day!

How to Make a Chocolate Mudslide?

MMMM Good!You in the mood for something warm, chocolatey, delicious and...Well, breath taking.. A mudslide is the perfect thing for you, here's a step to step guide on how to make your very own mud... Read More »

How to Make a Frozen Mudslide?

Frozen Mudslide in Hurricane GlassThis frozen variation of the mudslide cocktail is easy to make and refreshing to drink. It's a popular (and expensive) drink at a chain restaurant, but with these ... Read More »

How to Make a Low Calorie Coffee Mudslide?

Mudslides are traditionally made with coffee liqueur and Irish cream. Frozen mudslides add vanilla ice cream, which packs on the calories. With some smart substitutions though, you can have mudslid... Read More »