Why is the alcoholic drink called long island ice tea when there is no ice tea in the drink?

Answer Because it LOOkS like iced tea. The first time I had one, someone else ordered it for me. I had no idea what was in it. I assumed it was some "flavor" called "Long Island". When it came, it looked ... Read More »

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What is the bottom of the apple called?

The bottom of an apple is called a sepal. The sepal is where the blossom was attached to the base of the fruit. Occasionally, the stamen will still be attached to the sepal.References:University of... Read More »

What is a winter apple called?

The winter apple is called Api, Pomme d' Api or Lady apple. The winter apple is a small and hard apple. Its color tends to be red on one side and pale or white on the other side.Source:Innvista: Ap... Read More »

What is the best way to drink Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is a a potent healthy product. It must be taken in small increments. If I were you, I would use a tablespoon of this vinegar in a large glass of water about three times a day. T... Read More »

How to Make a Washington Apple?

Here's a drink that tastes good and is easy to make...right at home!!!