What is in the bars clubs and lounge category?

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Where is the category Authors Lounge chatroom?

The official Guinness book of records listed smallest nightclub in the world, as also listed on the web in the top 20 best clubs in the world, is of course: The Miniscule Of Sound. As seen in coun... Read More »

Under 18 clubs in San Jose or Santa Cruz(i know category isn't in the right place)?

Those simply do not exist. There are clubs that are usually 21+ that will let 18 to 20 year old people in on Sunday's and Saturdays.Unless your Definition of "club" is different then mine. Then try... Read More »

Clientele of lounge bars?

Types of lounge bars in a hotel?

In general, a vision statement is a broad statement that basically says, this is who we are, this is what we do, and this is where we will be in the future. The mission statement is more specific a... Read More »