What Percentage Of Alcohol Is Bootleg/Moonshine?

Answer It's bootleg bc its illegal. Its illegal bc its percentage is unknown (amongst other things) ... So the percentage is unknown, unless you have a good scene of alcohol, like most drinkers do, and yo... Read More »

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What is a good recipe for homemade Moonshine?

you do know its dangerous and illegal in most of the world to make home made moonshine?if you really want to go down this road, you will need to create or purchase a still, which is not too easy.t... Read More »

How to Brew Moonshine?

Making moonshine is illegal in the United States, and can be dangerous, but if done with caution and common sense it can be an interesting small-scale science experiment. Drinking the final product... Read More »

Why is moonshine illegal?

It is not illegal to make moonshine due to health concerns or impurity problems. The only reason it is illegal is because the government does not get paid their excise taxes. The slang word 'moon... Read More »

Can moonshine fuel cars?

On One Hand: It Is PossibleA car engine can run on moonshine, which is distilled corn mash, according to a 2006 CBS report on the subject. Brewers claim that this can save hundreds of dollars a yea... Read More »