What is lil waynes moms' name?

Answer Jocita Carter aka Seetha Carter

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What happened to John Waynes guns from his movies?

I'm not sure how well known it is but John Wayne had a wonderful gun collection. The guns he used in his movies were from his private colletion. It included many old and antique guns, some of them ... Read More »

Does any one know what hours and days lil waynes new skatepark in new orleans is open?

What is styrofoam?

Answer Styrofoam is a trademark name for POLYSTYRENE THERMAL ISULATION material. it can be used as building materials, pipe isulation, floral and craft products.

What is the density of Styrofoam?

The official density of Styrofoam is given at 100 kg/m3, or kilograms per cubic meter, but in reality there are various types of polystyrene foams, which can have various densities. To calculate de... Read More »