What is laughing gas?

Answer Laughing gas is a slang term for the chemical compound nitrous oxide. Its chemical formula is N20 and is also sometimes called happy gas. Its main purpose is as an anesthetic during dental work and... Read More »

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What does laughing gas actually do ?

It just causes you to relax and not care about the things that are going on around you.

What does laughing gas feel like?

The gas smells a bit nasty but it's worth it for me I get a slight head ache from the smell but I also feel drowsy, they should use numbing cream too. The needle will only feel tight inside your mo... Read More »

What does laughing gas feel like HELP?

Depending on the concentration and length of administration of laughing gas, four levels of sedation can be experienced (after an initial feeling of light-headedness):1-a tingling sensation, especi... Read More »

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