How is imitation crab meat made?

Answer Imitation crab meat is often used as a cheaper alternative to real crab meat. Most people don't think it tastes anything like the real thing at all but many still enjoy it.Krab MeatImitation crab i... Read More »

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Is imitation crab meat healthy for you?

On One Hand: It's a Serving of FishImitation crab meat counts as a serving of fish, according to MSN Health and Fitness. Manufacturers make imitation crab meat out of Alaskan pollock, a mild and in... Read More »

Is imitation crab meat good for you?

Imitation crab meat is made from fish, and is no better or worse for you than any other properly-prepared fish. It's whitefish so its heavy in Omega 3s, which is good for you. So yes. Its good for ... Read More »

Is Imitation crab actually meat?

Can you eat imitation crab during pregnancy?

yes you can just be careful with it, if its already cured or such then it should be fine, even normal crab is alright to eat as long as it has been cooked properly like any other type of meat, chic... Read More »