What is in flower preservatives?

Answer Cut flowers need three ingredients to survive---carbohydrates, biocides and acidifiers, according to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. So, the ingredients in flower preservatives are a teaspoon of sugar... Read More »

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What Are Flower Preservatives?

One drawback to cut-flower arrangements is that flowers might wither and die quickly, because they can lose many of their nutrients. Cut flowers are removed from their plant's roots, so they don't ... Read More »

What deciduous tree has waxy pink flower with blue ball in the center of the flower also has 5-point star shaped white flower?

If a white flower is crossed with a red flower and a pink flower is produced this is called?

What types of preservatives are used in bread?

Calcium propionate and sulphur dioxide are the main preservatives found in bread. It is the "propionate" element that prevents mold growth. Calcium propionates is naturally found in foods, such as... Read More »