What is in fire logs?

Answer Manufactured fire logs--which were first created in the 1960s--are typically made of sawdust and petroleum wax. In recent years however, a number of companies have been manufacturing fire logs made... Read More »

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Can you cut gas fire logs?

Gas fireplace logs are molded out of cement or ceramic---materials that can be cut with a wet tile saw, though it is not suggested that individuals attempt to alter manufactured gas fire logs. For... Read More »

Are fire logs safe?

On One Hand: Modern Firelogs are SafeAccording to an article in silive.Com, most modern firelogs are no longer made with petroleum products and chemicals, which makes them safer to burn. The latest... Read More »

Are fire logs toxic?

On One Hand: EPA RecommendsAccording to Helen Suh MacIntosh of and professor of environmental health at Harvard University, "...test reports have shown Duraflame and Java Logs to bur... Read More »

Are gas fire logs safe?

On One Hand: They Are SafeGas logs are safe when used properly in your fireplace. You can use gas logs safely in a vented fireplace, with your damper open, or as a heating implement in an unvented ... Read More »