What is in eyeglass cleaner?

Answer Eyeglass cleaner ingredients vary but most contain water, isopropyl alcohol and sodium laureth. You may also make homemade eyeglass cleaner with rubbing alcohol, liquid dish soap and water. Keep yo... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lenses?

There are four major types of eyeglass lens coatings. Scratch resistant coating is applied to both the front and back of eyeglass lenses to create a hard, scratch proof surface. Mirror coatings are... Read More »

What Is a Polarized Eyeglass Lens?

Polarized eyeglass lenses are tinted eyeglasses popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Polarized eyeglass lenses contain a filter that blocks reflected light, which reduces glare and serve to increase ... Read More »

What is the thinnest eyeglass lens made?

High-index lenses are the thinnest and lightest eyeglass lenses available. High-index lenses are made out of a new plastic lens material that bends light differently than conventional plastic len... Read More »

What Are High-Intensity Eyeglass Lenses?

High-intensity glasses are also called high index, or hi-index, lenses. These specialty spectacle lenses are designed to be thinner and lighter and are used for people with vision problems that no... Read More »