What is in chicken feed?

Answer Like humans, chickens require a varied diet containing a variety of vitamins, minerals and proteins to remain healthy. Chickens fed with chicken feed that is not nutrient rich can become fat and ... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Chicken Laying Feed & Chicken Scratch?

Egg-laying chickens have simple dietary needs. A healthy diet contains grains, greens, protein and calcium. However, finding the right feed to fulfill these needs can be confusing. Some chicken far... Read More »

What is safe chicken feed?

Safe chicken feed is essential for the health of chickens, but also vital to the well-being of consumers. Understanding the source of chicken feed and its components can help you make an educated d... Read More »

Can you feed strawberries to a chicken?

Chickens can eat strawberries. They can eat almost any fruit, according to chicken grower Charlotte Popescu. They love to eat strawberries, raspberries, blueberries—any edible berry except blackc... Read More »

How to Feed a Snake Chicken?

Feed your pet snake a baby chick as a treat. While chicken makes for a great snack for snakes, it should not be their sole source of food. Many pet retail stores like Petsmart and online stores off... Read More »