What is in cardboard?

Answer Cardboard is made of heavy-duty paper products. This heavy-duty paper is put together by two or more sheets and pasted to each other to make the cardboard as thick as you may need it.Source:Wisegee... Read More »

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Have you ever got a cardboard cut?

yes, and it hurts like the dickens the whole day that day. i work at Kmart, and deal with opening a lot of boxes. i've gotten papercuts, cardboard cut. i've cut my finger on those sharp staples the... Read More »

Is cardboard decomposable?

Cardboard is a decomposable paper product. Much of it is made from paper fibers which essentially are dead organic material, since paper typically comes from trees and plants. Fungi in the environm... Read More »

Is cardboard recycled?

Most types of cardboard are fully recyclable. Greasy pizza boxes, wet cardboard and boxes that have not been emptied and flattened cannot be recycled. Recycling cardboard is important because 90 pe... Read More »

Is cardboard recyclable?

Cardboard is recyclable. The only exception is cardboard that is coated with another material. For example, waxed cardboard milk cartons are not recyclable. When you recycle cardboard, it is broken... Read More »