How are you supposed to treat blisters I have blisters on the bottom of my toes! They are like boils! HELP?

Answer it is always best to leave the blisters unpopped and let them heal on their own. the fluid inside the blisters is sterile to your body and if you pop them, you run the risk of getting an infection.... Read More »

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What happens if blisters pop you?

You break the skin when you pop a blister so you are more susceptible to infection.

What are clear blisters on the tongue?

Answer I have these as well, and have been told it is an allergic reaction to something. I recently had a bad blood test, stating that my B-12 levels were extremely low. I began taking Sublingual ... Read More »

What Causes Blisters on a House's Surface?

Homeowners painting their house might get an unpleasant surprise if bubbles start to appear on the surface of the paint. These bubbles, or blisters, occur in oil-based paints more frequently than o... Read More »

What are treatments for fever blisters on the lips?

Fever blisters, also known as cold sores, on the lips are treated with over-the-counter cold sore treatments with active ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride, zinc, lysine, phenol or docosanol... Read More »