What is in baking flour?

Answer Baking flours are generally made from wheat. However, there are different flours that can be made from corn, rice and others. Each type of baking flour is used for a different task or baking purp... Read More »

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Can I substitute wheat flour for white flour in baking?

It depends - hard whole wheat flour has a high gluten content so is what should be used for bread-baking. The soft wheat flour is lower in gluten (and protein) - this one can be used in pastries, ... Read More »

What are the functions of flour in baking?

Most baked goods call for flour in one form or another. It may be cake, bread, all-purpose or even self-rising flour. Flour serves many purposes in baking depending on the recipe.Body and Structure... Read More »

What flour is best for baking cookies?

Pastry and cake flour are the best for baking cookies. Both are soft wheat flours with a lower protein content than all-purpose flour. Cookies made with pastry or cake flour have a delicate texture... Read More »

How to Know What Flour to Use for Gluten Free Baking?

If you are eating gluten-free or baking for someone who is gluten-free, knowing which flours are safe can be challenging. Follow these steps to make sure that you are truly using a gluten-free flou... Read More »