How to Speak Backwards?

Answer Looking for an off-beat, unusual way to break the ice or astound and confound your friends? Try writing or talking backwards! It makes even the most mundane thoughts and sounds interesting and fun.... Read More »

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Do air planes go backwards?

Not while flying, but some propellers on some planes allow planes to backup. Jets can also back up on the ground, if need be, under their own power.

Can a hummingbird fly backwards?

Hummingbirds are the only known birds which can fly backward. Thirty percent of their body is muscle, allowing them to not only fly forward and backward, but also up, down and sideways, or to hover... Read More »

What does a backwards flag mean?

Backward flags appear on U.S. Armed Forces uniforms. Army regulations state that when a flag patch is worn, the star field must appear on the observer's right. Thus, a flag patch worn on the right ... Read More »

How to Ice Skate Backwards?

This is the most basic form of skating backwards for the beginner in ice skating. Here is a simplified version of the backward swizzle instructions.