What does a backwards flag mean?

Answer Backward flags appear on U.S. Armed Forces uniforms. Army regulations state that when a flag patch is worn, the star field must appear on the observer's right. Thus, a flag patch worn on the right ... Read More »

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What happened on Flashpoint season 1 episode 11 Backwards Day?

Flashpoint season 1 episode 11: Backwards Day.This episode aired on TV: January 16 , 2009. 01/16/09.About this episode: When a women kidnaps another women whom she suspects of having an affair with... Read More »

What causes toddlers toenails to grow backwards?

These lesions are benign (safe) and quite common - they are referred to as inclusion cysts and will usually disappear with time.

What stream is caused by the current of air being forced backwards by aircraft propeller?

You're probably referring to the term "slipstream", which is sometimes used synonymously with "prop wash".

What would make cb radio meter swing backwards when you talk into mic?

Hi thereThis is a classic symptom of over-modulation.The output power meter will dip backwards when the audio drive stage has been adjusted too far and the carrier is dropping to zero on the negati... Read More »