What is in an epidural?

Answer depends on what kind of epidural you are having done.for pain mgmt(lower back/neck) they use a combo of meds such as marcaine, depo medrol and lidicaineas for an epidural for child birth i am not s... Read More »

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If you've had an epidural, what are the downsides (bad side-effects) of an epidural steroid spinal injection?

The side effects is that you are being injected with a steroid so it's a bone thinner in the long run depending on how many you get. The day after, I may be flushed beat red and have a very tender ... Read More »

Epidural worried please help!?

Nothing dreadful is going to happen to you, it takes a little time to settle down......................

Epidural after effect?

It's common fro a woman's gallbladder to go bad during pregnancy.A lot of woman have to get their gallbladders taken out after they have their babies.Some of the symptoms sound like it but not all ... Read More »

Would you recommend the epidural?

Hey hun! I had the epi and I would so do it again! I was able to push as I didn't feel the pain, only the pressure. I think that if I didn't have it I wouldn't have had the energy to push as I wa... Read More »