Why is a cross-headed screwdriver called a 'Philips' screwdriver?

Answer In the early 1930s, the Phillips head screw was invented by Henry Phillips. Automobile manufacturers now used car assembly lines. They needed screws that could take greater torque and could provide... Read More »

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How does the amount of work the screwdriver does on the can compare with the amout of work you do on the screwdriver?

A screwdriver should be 100% efficient, if there are any small losses they will be due to deforming the screwhead, or frictional losses on the screwhead.

What is the use of a Philips screwdriver?

A Phillips screw driver is primarily used to fasten and unfasten screws with a star-like hole in their heads.

What is the origin of the name Phillips screwdriver?

Henry F. Phillips of Portland, Oregon, developed a screw with a cross-shaped slot in the head in response to the needs of automakers, who were having problems with regular screws on their industria... Read More »

What other names are there for a stubby screwdriver and what trades uses them?