How to Make a Low Cal Mojito?

Answer Substituting syrup made from sugar substitute in place of simple syrup creates a low-calorie version of this favorite Cuban drink.

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What is a mojito drink?

Mojitos are made from light rum, soda water, lime, mint and sugar. Muddle the sugar and mint in the bottom of a glass, adding a little soda water. Do this until the sugar dissolves, you can smell m... Read More »

How to Make a Mojito?

The story of the mojito’s origin has several different incarnations. One states that Richard Drake, the brother of the explorer/pirate Francis Drake, invented the mojito, or “El Draque,” usin... Read More »

How to Throw a Mojito Party?

A mojito party with a self-service mojito table will keep your guests entertained, or you can make matters even simpler by serving mojito punch. In addition to creating your mojitos, you will need ... Read More »

How to Make an Orange Mojito?

An orange mojito uses not only muddled oranges but also orange liqueur for a strong and bright orange flavor. Use a tall glass for this beverage, and make it in early spring when oranges are in sea... Read More »